Sad Facebook Captions-100+ Best Sad Captions

Sad Facebook Captions-100+ Best Sad Captions

Sad Facebook Captions-100+ Best Sad Captions

There are many reasons to be Sad, there are many reasons to be happy. I swear you won’t leave me. If you are, I can live for your happiness. If you are, I can live for your happiness. There were many people who were hurting, but there was no one to cheer.  I will also share the pain of the loved one with happiness. I remember crying but you were watching the spectacle.


Sad Fb Captions


I may suffer a lot of pain, but you can’t.
Born to be poor, to not allow my offspring to become poor.
There is a difference between weep and laughter, the wiping of the mind is clear.
Work must be good, to grow forward.
The thought of making money made my life suffer.
Remember that I can’t delete it.
Whatever the pain, the end is death.
You think well of yourself, but others look good.
Here you go, your name is taken.
Remember you cheated on me.
I was born sad, how happy and happy.
No place I’d be happy.
Why is this mind crying instead of crying?
It’s hard for me to spend my life with you.
The days are slowing down, I am getting older.
Asked how much you love, the answer was that I hate hate.
Do not be sad, for this day has never come.
Do not be sad, for this day has never come.
The love that I considered everything, today became bad.
Hey, happy to hear my sad news.

Breakup Captions

Your love for me is as numerous as the stars in the sky.
Day or night, you are not with me.
Where to go alone, Where to go.
No one, my relatives, everyone has left.
The dearest one is the mother.
The day you understand it, you will weep bitterly.
How many years have I been sad, one day I cannot erase with a smile.
False promises, false hopes, city frustrations.
They say that people should have consciousness, maybe already.
I think my tongue, your fame is gone.
Days don’t always go well, some days you just die.
Not in front of time, I hang from time to time.
He was accused of being robbed, but he was collecting for business.
I rarely have pain, because I sleep on food.
How can I hide and where I was right?

Love Fb Captions

Some people rejected me, not really.
How sad to say, I’m not sure.
I am the eldest son of the house, not the girl on the bike, I have taken responsibility in the saddle.
Come, listen to the sadness of my heart, I have all my tears.
Can’t Forget Your Love and Hate.
Tell your mother what to do to get your love.
You are in my eyes, you are in my heart.
The accompanying companion, in the end, got the wound.
The route is jammed, how can I get to the destination.
Where I go, who is there and mine here.
Remember that you are mine, not someone else’s.
People who have been hurt since I was a child, have been with me so far.
More dead than walking madly in love.
Do not stumble, look and walk, your hair is not good.
Not so good, it’s not like you.
Let your love be without rest.
The eye is the act of looking, you are equal.

Sad Fb Captions

One must struggle to find happiness.
Fight for money.
Now I will show my potential from society.
Don’t be shy, Timmy, to cut my point.
The hard work is to make the viewer jealous.
The heart cries when I remember your love.
Wondering if you would be mine

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